TTouch and TTEAM for Behaviour Solutions

The Forward Thinking Approach to Training, Handling and Rehabilitation

Rachel Jackson

  • I qualified as a Tellington TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals in May 2004, trained by Linda Tellington Jones and other top instructors.     Since then I have continued in my work and training and I have been made a Practitioner Level 3 in September 2015.  I assist in training new TTouch Practitioners, as well as working privately with clients, I run one and two day workshops, give talks or workshops to groups and staff trainings.   
  • I am also a TTEAM Practitioner Level 1, qualifying in April 2007, which means I am able to work with clients and their horses, give talks to groups, staff trainings and also give one day workshops.
  • I came to TTouch because of my own rescue animals in 2001.  A number of the them came with problems and I wanted to help them work through these using a kind, gentle and forward thinking method, which I found in TTouch.  This is why I decided to continue my learning and qualify as a Practitioner.
  • I have worked with a variety of animals using TTouch, including dogs, horses, cats, rodents, rabbits, birds and reptiles.
  • I have practiced TTouch in several animal rescue centres and given staff training workshops.
  • I have completed a two year International Dog Trainers' School with Sheila Harper's Canine Education Centre, which included Communication and Handling, Training, Canine Behaviour and Learning and Clicker Training.
  • I have attended courses with Turid Rugaas, whose world renowned philosophy is dog centred, with the emphasis on understanding the dog and increasing our awareness of the impact our actions have on our relationship with our dogs.
  • I continue to attend courses to increase my knowledge and professional development.   Within the last year some of the courses I have attended include:
How to Change Predatory Chase Behaviour in Dogs with David Ryan.
First Aid for Dogs with Rachel Bean, RVN
Ultimate Self Control Workshop with Hannah Wright and Sian Ryan
Giving Training Back to the Dogs with Chirag Patel
Clicker Expo
Talking Dogs Scentwork, levels 1, 2 and 3